Grey Goose Player's Club - Tavern tavern | Macon, GA

"Home of the Original Gooseburger"

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A true piece of the Macon community

What started on Northside Drive in Macon continues today as one of the area's most well-known establishments.


Grey Goose Player's Club moved to its current location on February 1989, where it has been family-owned and operated since. It is a safe location where you can enjoy good food. Joe and Sonia Hernandez took ownership in 2005; they have updated the tavern and helped turn it into one of the area's dining destinations.

Lunch and dinner options for you

Grey Goose Player's Club is known for our Gooseburger, but it's not the only thing we serve. Check out our Facebook Page for weekly specials, plus our Menu Page to see the list of everything we have to offer. You are sure of full satisfaction.

A fun atmosphere for everyone

  • 5 big screen TVs

  • Catch all the games and all the golf tournaments

  • Salt water tank with tropical fish and live coral

  • Fresh water tank with goldfish, kois, and plants

Catch the Mercer basketball game, the Georgia football game, or the action from Augusta and beyond on one of our 5 big screen TV's!

Grey Goose Player's Club is the perfect place to go with the team after the big game. Call today!


Families and parties are welcome

Planning to go out after that big Little League game? Are you celebrating a birthday or anniversary? Maybe you just want to eat and drink after work? No matter the situation, Grey Goose Player's Club is the perfect fit. Take a look at all the fun that goes on in our Photo Gallery Page.

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